A guide to family law issues, managing complaints and safeguarding for schools and academies

Topics being covered:

Family law issues affecting schools

Unfortunately schools are often caught in the middle when there is a dispute between parents. Issues can arise about the extent to which schools should provide information to parents, how to obtain consent for school trips and what to do if one parent wants the school to refer to the pupil by a particular name without the other’s consent.

In this seminar, we will provide guidance on some of the key issues that are likely to affect schools in a family law context so that you can feel more confident about what to do should an issue arise.

Dealing with complaints

Managing parent complaints can take up a significant and disproportionate amount of school time, especially if the issue is not correctly managed at the outset and the school has not followed a fair procedure.  In addition, the complaints policy for many academies is not compliant with the relevant regulations, which can leave the school open to criticism if a complaint is escalated to the Education Funding Agency.  We will therefore provide an overview of the important points for you to consider when managing a complaint and how to ensure that your school’s complaints policy is compliant with the law.


Finally, we are pleased to announce that Angela Chisholm, Managing Director of Schools direct.com Limited, will join us to provide an overview on key issues affecting safeguarding in schools and tips on achieving best practice.

Who is this for?

Safeguarding officers, senior leadership teams, school business managers and governors.