Our Current Trainees

Joseph DeFalco

Joeseph DeFalco

University: Law, University of London (Queen Marys)

Law College: LPC at BPP Law School, Holborn

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Naomi Drury

University: Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, King’s College London

Law College: GDL at BPP, Manchester, LPC at University of Law, Manchester

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Hannah Gumbrill

University: BA in English Literature, University of Sheffield, and MA in Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama from King’s College London

Law College: GDL at the University of Law, Bloomsbury and LPC at BPP, Holborn

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Rebecca McLean

University: Philosophy, University of Durham

Law College: GDL, University of Westminster and LPC, University of Law, Bloomsbury

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Helena Parker

University: English Literature & Politics, University of York

Law College: GDL and LPC at BPP University, London

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