Life at Winckworth Sherwood

We didn’t write that headline lightly. ‘Life’ really is at the heart of what we do at Winckworth Sherwood. Whether the lives of the clients we represent or the lives of the people we work alongside.

Looking after our business means looking after our people

We recognise that our people are vital to the success of the firm, and in return we are committed to their development and wellbeing. Our working environment is neither ruthlessly ambitious nor aggressively corporate. (One trainee told us he chose Winckworth Sherwood because he didn’t want to work “in a corporate snake pit” – which was good to hear.)

Of course we have uncompromising standards when it comes to client service and technical delivery. It’s just that we believe people are more productive when they are stimulated, challenged and motivated. So our culture is built on flexibility, enthusiasm, collaboration and a healthy work-life balance.